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Einschränk. übernommen von Okertal

The Okertal is a nature protection area (Landschaftsschutzgebiet). Parts are Natura2000 area and some cliffs may be closed from February to July due to nesting falcons.

See: IG Klettern Niedersachsen - Closures

IG Klettern Niedersachsen - zoning

Ethik übernommen von Okertal

Please stop wild camping in the Okertal!

Please stop making barbecues, it smells, it starts wild fires, it leaves waste!

All that endangers our permission to climb here!


It is allowed, BUT clean up your marks. As most of the stone is dark, it is much to visible. We like to search for holds ourselves.


Most easier routes do not have bolts, only harder ones are sparsely bolted. Anchors are single glued in steel rings in most cases.


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Schwierigkeitsgrad Route

FA: H. Apel, 2006

FA: H. Apel, 2006

FA: H. Apel, 2006

Boulder ist nicht lokalisiert

Wenn du weisst, wo sich Boulder befindet, füge bitte diese Information für die Gemeinschaft ein. kontaktiere uns, solltest du Probleme haben.


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