Routen als traditionell in Dunman's Face

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Zeige alle 2 Routen.

Schwierigkeitsgrad Route Stil Beliebtheit
D Dunman's Rib

Start at foot of gully on right of rib. Climb to first large platform. Follow main rib line until a steep wall is reached, which may be taken on left. Continue up rib. Top section may be taken on left by a chimney or from some 3m to right of nose. An alternate start may be made up the crack splitting the nose of the rib. Break out left after some 2.5m.

Traditionell 76m
D Dunman's Face

Start at left point of foot of slab. Climb to right point of overhang. Continue to scramble up wide face until 3m steep wall is reached. Belay and take this directly, or avoid it by moving left. Continuing, the climb runs out to a grassy gully. An alternate finish is to move left across the gully and take the awkward-looking wall.

Traditionell 76m

Zeige alle 2 Routen.

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