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6a Joris

Left most route, bouldery start up block then up to rooflet and step right

6b Pelle
5c Limpa

Start off block and follow groove. Several blocks may have warning crosses, be careful of loose blocks

6c Holy friction
6b Alfa krull

Steep start trending left into alcove then step left around corner and onto slab. Carefully pass potentially detached flake to finishing groove and mantle

7b Aftenstjernen
7a+ Morgengaven
7b Hans
8b Chossploring
8a Kyrgiztan
7a Steinapen
8b Steinapen L2
7a De profundis

Grade 7a according to Climb Norway (2021 edition).

6b+ Akvarell

Bouldery and sloping start for grade then continue direct to DBB

6b Trykkokeren

Well chalked route in middle of wall with mantle to ledge finish

7c+ Norsk strikk
6a+ Lykkelige sønner

Between Ingwe and Trykkokeren. Feels hard, but is 6a+ in the guidebook.

7a Ingwe
6b+ Rosens innerste sjel
7b Mindstalker
7a+ Espen Askeladd søker lykken
6a Trang fødsel
6b Tusen takk
6b+ Gulrot tyven
7a Mega gulrot tyven

Zeigt alle 26 Einträge.

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