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The main reason to come to Santa Linya!!! With routes up to 9b and some being 50m long the is the place for hard climbing. There is a couple of easy-ish routes but the business starts at 7b.


Drive toward Santa Linya then take the new tar road marked toward Cova Gran. 10 min walk from the car park.

Ethik übernommen von Santa Linya

Cova Gran is also a archeological site, please behave respectfully and observe climbing limitations.



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Schwierigkeitsgrad Route

Up to the first anchor.

extension of the classic Santa Linya (8a+/8b), a short boulder right after the first chains.

Above Digital System.

Erschliesser: Dani Andrada

Erstbegehung: Patxi Usobiaga, 2007

Erstbegehung: Dani Andrada, 2008

Seleccio Anal is a link-up between "Seleccio Natural" and "Analogica".

Erstbegehung: Ramon Julian, 21 Dez 2013

This is the route that stops at the first anchor when it crosses into "Digital System". It climbs the left side of the cave. The grade proposed changed a few times depending on the climber and broken holds.

Erschliesser: Victor Fernandez

Erste freie Begeh.: Dani Andrada, 2005

This is "Selecció Natural" with the additional 7B move to the second anchor.

Erste freie Begeh.: Tomasz Mrazek, 2009

Erschliesser: Joe Kinder

Erste freie Begeh.: Jakob Schubert, 2012

Erschliesser: Victor Fernandez

Erstbegehung: Chris Sharma, 2008

Same start and same end as "Mercenaris del Passat". There is also a variant with a different finish, equipped by Chris Sharma.

First repeat by Adam Ondra, Feb-2016

Erschliesser: Tomasz Mrazek

Erste freie Begeh.: Chris Sharma, 2013

Erste freie Begeh.: Chris Sharma, 2009

to the first anchor

Erschliesser: Andoni Pérez & Dani Andrada

Erste freie Begeh.: Dani Andrada, 2007

Erstbegehung: Dani Andrada, 2005

Erschliesser: Dani Andrada

Erstbegehung: Dani Andrada, 2005

Erstbegehung: Gonzalo Larrocha, 29 Jan 2019

La Fabela first section.

Start as Trio Ternura. Full route.

Erstbegehung: Edu Marin, 2008

The direct version starts further left from "Trio Ternura" and is called Open Your Mind Direct. This one ends at the first anchor, without extension.

Erschliesser: Dani Andrada

The full length of Open Your Mind Direct with its 15m extension.

The grade of this route varied from an initial 9a+ to 9a/9a+ or even 9a. After the ascent by Mateusz Haladaj a hold broke and Ashima Shiraishi was the first to repeat the route after that. Since then the consensus is at 9a/9a+.

Erschliesser: Dani Andrada

Erste freie Begeh.: Ramón Julián Puigblanque, 2007

Open Your Mind starts for the first 15m or so on "Trio Ternura". This version ends at a single quickdraw and does not include the extension.

This is "Open Your Mind" with its extension.

Erstbegehung: Dani Andrada, 2008

up to the first anchor. Flashed by Janja Garnbret in 2016.

Alternative start to La Fabela finishing at the anchor of La Fabela.

Erschliesser: Dani Andrada

Erstbegehung: Chris Sharma, 2011

An alternative start to to La Fabela but with the same first anchor (where there is also a good rest). The second part is the same as "La Fabela pa la Enmienda", linked it is called Catxasa R2.

Erstbegehung: Ramon Julian, 2012

Erstbegehung: Tom Bolger, 2012

L1: 8b

L1: 7b+

L1: 8a

L1: 8b+

Erstbegehung: Andoni Pérez

Erstbegehung: Edu Marin, 2009

Ciudad de Dios linked into La Novena Enmienda.

Erstbegehung: Anak Verhoeven, Dez 2017

To the first anchor.

A traverse.

Erstbegehung: Tomasz Mrazek, 2009

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Autor(en): Pete O'Donovan and Dani Andrada

Datum: 2019

ISBN: 9780956700650

A selective guidebook describing the sport climbing in the province of Lleida to the west of Barcelona and stretching into the Pyrenees, covering 22 different areas and almost 3,900 routes from F3 to F9. The 22 areas covered are Camarasa, St Llorenc de Montgai, Cubells, Alos de Balaguer, La Pauta, Santa Ana, Os de Balaguer, Tartareu, Santa Linya, Ager, Terradets, Vilanova de Meia, Abella de la Conca, Collegats, Oliana, Coll de Nargo, Perles, Canelles, Figols, Tres Ponts, Cavallers, and La Cova de Juncosa.

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