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Schwierigkeitsgrad Route Stil Beliebtheit
Giant City State Park Shelter 1 Bluff
5.11 Saluki Strut Sport
5.11b The Idiot Sport
5.11 Walking Gunslinger Sport
5.11 Jill's Sport
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Gill Wall
V3 PG13 Center Line Boulder
V3 PG13 Giraffe's Hat Boulder
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Gill Roof
V3/4 Gill Roof Traverse Boulder
V3/4 Standard Boulder
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Higher Education Area
V3/4 Teater Totter Boulder
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Superball Slab Boulder
V3 Superball Boulder
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Sloper Slab
V3 Splitting The Difference Boulder
Giant City State Park Devils Standtable Area Amphitheater Boulders
V3/4 Buzz Arête Boulder
Giant City State Park The Orchards
V3 Peaches And Cream Boulder
V3/4 Appleknocker Boulder
V3 Peach Valley Extension Boulder
V3 Peach Valley Boulder
Giant City State Park Shelter 1
V3/4 Return To Forever Classic Boulder
Cedar Bluff Trinity Boulder
V3 Holy Ghost Boulder
Cedar Bluff Maynjo Boulder
V3 Unnamed Boulder
Cedar Bluff Bouldering Cave
V3 Bouldering Cave Boulder
Cedar Bluff Little Big Wall
5.11 Pioneers And Connoisseurs Traditionell 30m, 2
Jackson Falls
V1 - 4 Reefer Madness - At Life Boulder
Jackson Falls Yosemite Slab
5.11b Brass Toprope
5.11b No Dancers Traditionell
Jackson Falls Royal Arch Wall
5.11 Fracture (?)

Starts to the right of Deetle Dumps. It is not in the Vertical Heartland guidebook, however in that book they mention that Arcangel starts "5 feet to the left of Fracture" The grade on this is a guess, it is a desperate slab climb with what looks like 2 cruxes.

5.11b Another Verm Route Toprope
Jackson Falls The Doors
5.11b Fancy Feet Sport 4
5.11b Little Johnny Jewel Sport 5
Jackson Falls North Falls Area
5.11b Huecool Toprope
Jackson Falls Wizard Wall
5.11b Stand and Deliver Sport 6
Jackson Falls Applejack Wall
5.11b Applejack Crack Traditionell
Jackson Falls Exam Wall
5.11b Splinter Faction Sport 4
Jackson Falls Mr. Jimmy
5.11b Piss Ant Sport 6
Jackson Falls Beaver Wall
5.11b Conspiracy Theorists Traditionell
Jackson Falls Big Star Wall
5.11b Ladybug Lynn Sport 6
Jackson Falls Higher Ed Zone Graduation Formation
5.11b Dissertation Defense Sport 3
Jackson Falls Rainy Day Roof
5.11b Thunder Sport 3
5.11b Zapped Sport 3
Jackson Falls Belleville Wall
5.11b Uncle Albert Plays the Blues Sport 5
Jackson Falls The Promised Land X Block
5.11b Generator X Sport 6
Jackson Falls The Promised Land Mass Production Wall
5.11b Carpal Tunnel Sport 6
Jackson Falls The Promised Land Swiss Cheese Block
5.11b Unknown 2 Sport 4
5.11b Proud Betty's Sport 4
Mississippi Palisades State Park Sentinel
5.11 Son Of Godzilla Traditionell
5.11 Blank Wall Toprope 18m
5.11 Over And Up Toprope 21m
5.11 PG13 Return Engagement Toprope 30m
Mississippi Palisades State Park Amphitheater Wall
5.11 Bombs Away Traditionell
Mississippi Palisades State Park Forgotten Wall
5.11 Compromising Position Traditionell
Holy Boulders Mollusk Boulder
V3 The Mollusk Boulder
Holy Boulders Brown Cow Area
V3/4 Dirty Water Dog Boulder
V3 Sukha Boulder
V3 Feed Me, Seymore Boulder
Holy Boulders 911 Aretes
V3/4 Your Body Is A Wonderland Boulder 2m
V3 On The Fence Boulder 2m
Holy Boulders Shadow Of A Man Area
V3 Reflection Of A Man Boulder 3m
V2/3 Kfc Boulder 3m
V3 Kangarête Boulder 5m
V3 Comfortably Numb Boulder 5m
Holy Boulders Atlas Boulder
V3 V3 Boulder
V3/4 Ogygia Boulder
Holy Boulders Jump For Jesus Area
V3 Presto Boulder 5m
V3/4 Shoot At The Hip Boulder 3m
Holy Boulders Bubble Wrap Area
V3 Pomona Animal Society Boulder 3m
Holy Boulders Vultures Nest Boulders
V3 Peace Pipe Boulder 3m
V2/3 Free Hugs Boulder
Holy Boulders Open Gates Boulder
V3 Double Rainbow Boulder 5m
Holy Boulders Texas Revolution Boulder
V3 Texmex Boulder 5m
One Horse Gap Ryan's Area
V3 PG13 Cookie Monster Boulder
Dixon Springs State Park Main Boulderfield
V3 Gill Traverse Boulder
Dixon Springs State Park Ghost Dance Canyon Cave
V3 Auld Lang Syne Boulder 5m
Lehigh Park
V2/3 PG13 Zach's Graduation Boulder
V3 Mosquito Bite Boulder 5m
V3 Boneyard Boulder
The Graveyard Cemetery Wall
V3 Skeleton Boulder
The Graveyard Warm-Up Wall
V3 Formaldehyde Boulder
V3 Hornball Boulder
Chicago Area Henry C. Palmisano Nature Park
V3 Criss Cross Applesauce Dyno Boulder 3m
V3 Ring Around The Tosies Boulder 2m
Chicago Area Lies Area
V3/4 What In Tar-Nation Boulder 3m
Alto Pass Railroad Boulder
V3 Cat's Paws Boulder 5m
V2/3 Dream Crusher Boulder 5m
Alto Pass Cliffside Bouldering
V3/4 Alto Standard Boulder 5m
V3 Road's Closed Boulder 3m
Alto Pass Quetil Trail Bluff
5.11 Swamp Hog Sport
5.11 Phillip's Route Sport 11m
Alto Pass Red Bud Meadow
5.11 Flying Pig Sport
5.11 Von Jakob Sport
St. Francisville Woods Rock
V3 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Boulder
St. Francisville Staircase Rock
V3 Stagnant H2O Boulder
Pounds Lake Main Area
V3 Flatty Boulder
V3 Green Flies Boulder
Pounds Lake Bull Area
V3 Greenie Mantel Boulder
Pere Marquette State Park Tombstone
5.11b Fine Line Sport 12m
Pere Marquette State Park Community Effort Wall
5.11a/b Ice Cream Social Traditionell 9m
Pere Marquette State Park Eagle Wall
5.11b/c Leaving The Nest Sport 11m
The Beach The Lunkers
V3 King Of Smears Boulder
The Beach Bootleg Boulder
V3 Cream Beaver Boulder 3m
Ferne Clyffe State Park Main Wall
5.11 Chilly, Gray Matter Toprope
Cove Hollow The Dugout
5.11b Left Face Sport 11m

Zeige alle 100 Routen.

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