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Autor(en): David S. Black

Datum: 2000

ISBN: 1-58592-060-6

Ice Climbing Utah is the only guide available that covers all of Utah's major ice clmibing areas - as well as many hidden, lesser known treasures.

Gebiete: Utah

Autor(en): John Harlin III

Datum: 1996

ISBN: 1-57540-028-6

Over 30 routes of all difficulties at Devils Tower, and 85 routes in Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore.

Gebiete: United States

Autor(en): Eric J. Horst

Datum: 2001

ISBN: 1-56044-812-1

From the granite peaks of Old Rag Mountain to the miles of glowing Nuttall Sandstone in the New River Gorge, the states of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia offer exciting and diverse climbing opportunities. Rock Climbing Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland describes more than 1200 routes at twenty-three different areas, from popular topropes at Great Falls to the 300-foot multipitch classics at Seneca Rocks.

Gebiete: United States

Autor(en): Eric Bjornstad

Datum: 1997

ISBN: 1-57540-004-9

Largely short routes up incredibly accessible cracks, includes Wall Street, Long Canyon and the Potash Road near Moab, Utah.

Gebiete: Utah

Autor(en): Stewart M. Green

Datum: 1998

ISBN: 1-56044-594-7

Fragile sandstone towers pierce the sky amid endless miles of vertical cliffs sometimes more than a half mile high; wondrous canyon walls of cobblestone and limestone overhang at dizzying angles; and granite domes and slabs recline on sunny mountain slopes. Rock Climbing Utah is the only guide available that covers all the major climbing areas in the state.

Gebiete: Utah

Autor(en): Tim Toula

Datum: 1995

ISBN: 0-934641-35-8

Rock 'n' Road is the fundamental reference guide to climbing areas in North America. The rock climber's atlas, this completely revised and updated edition provides details on more than 2,400 climbing locales in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Gebiete: United States

Autor(en): Eric Bjornstad

Datum: 1996

ISBN: 0-934641-92-7

The definitive guide to rock climbing routes in the magnificent national parks of the Colorado Plateau: Zion National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park.

Gebiete: Utah

Zeigt alle 7 Publikationen.

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