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  • Started: 4 years ago on Tue 10th Jan 2017

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Gabi started this discussion 4 years ago.

Travel Sept

Hi all, I'll be travelling to climb in Yangshou September this year. Looking to tee up with some people. I'll be bringing all my own gear.

Evan Wells replied 4 years ago.

Plenty of friendly single climbers there. Avoid australians.

Rob Medlicott replied 4 years ago.

Why, Evan?

Evan Wells replied 4 years ago.

Because you can climb with them here.

Gabi replied 4 years ago.

Noted. However in Tonsai I met some wicked dudes.One from the Sunshine Coast and one from Melbourne. What is the vibe like? Evan Wells?

Evan Wells replied 4 years ago.

Nick from Melbourne? The climbing was excellent. If your there for a month or more buy an old motorbike/scooter from up the road and you will be everyones best friend!

Gabi replied 4 years ago.

Yes Nick! He's an awesome dude. I'll only be there just shy of 3 weeks but I'll be going with my partner. Just nice to know others going and what not just in case I want a lady belay.

Gabi replied 4 years ago.

Also some tips on some must do climbs would be advantageous for me. Nothing above 26/27 roofs or 26 other styles just yet for me.

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