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Discussion: Climbs at the pit Started by Mark Rewi.

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  • Started: 5 months ago on Thu 2nd Nov 2017

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Mark Rewi started this discussion 5 months ago.

Climbs at the pit

Hey Kalbarri locals (is there such a thing?!). Just closed out an amazing week climbing trip from Victoria to Kalbarri and tidying up a few descriptions. So at the pit is In the Realm if the Senses the Direct line through the roof mid pit (still has project tag on or the new line of rings traversing right to left out of Feral Dog Boy? If the former, what is the latter? Also anyone know details of the mixed route starting up the flake right end of pit? Seems to be maybe a retro bolt of Remi’s Don’t go Splat? Awesome place... cheers Mark

Mark Rewi replied 5 months ago.

Ok... found description for Kalvergence the r to l line at pit

Showing all 2 messages.

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