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Discussion: Pro at Crux on xanthene Started by Andrew Mitchell.

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  • Started: 8 months ago on Tue 14th Nov 2017

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started this discussion 8 months ago.

Pro at Crux on xanthene

Xanthene looks like a mighty good adventure but there are comments that the crux is pretty stiff for the grade. Anyone (Bernd?) got comments on how good the the pro is at the crux and whether it has the standard 10m cathedrals runout at this point?

Luke F replied 7 months ago.

From memory the crux is a crack, so the pro is good, but don't quote me on that!

Bernd Schiffer replied 7 months ago.

Yes, what Luke wrote. About 1 m below the crux there is a horizontal crack which takes all the pro you want (cams). The crack is super solid so the pro won’t go anywhere in case of a fall.

replied 7 months ago.

Sweet, thanks for the info guys. Just need a rain free weekend now.

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