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Henrique de Almeida Mendonça started this discussion 7 months ago.

Stuck hex on interstate 31

Hey guys, I got my yellow hex stuck in the middle of route and with the temps rising it was impossible to retrieve it. If someone got the chance to climb it early morning again and/or managed to get it out somehow, I'd really appreciate having it back in my set Please let me know and thanks heaps already. Anyway there's a bomber chock stone there now lol

Cheers, Henrique 0459382053

Mike Daws replied 13 weeks ago.

Hey Henrique, we had a bloody good go at getting that out today. It is super wedged (did someone take a little whip onto it?) I think it's going to require a hammer to dislodge it.

Henrique de Almeida Mendonça replied 13 weeks ago.

Thanks for trying Mike! We didn't fall but we think the heat affects that crack a lot. Will try in winter if it's still there. I'm in the states atm anyway A hammer might be a good idea tho lol Cheers

Henrique de Almeida Mendonça replied 13 weeks ago.

For now, it's a solid piece of fix gear at least haha

Scott Godwin replied 13 weeks ago.

Try it again on a really cold morning when the route is in the shade. Temperature makes a big difference to the extractableness of stuck gear. I've had rock solid stuck hexes that wouldn't budge a millimetre on a warm afternoon fall out by themselves during a cold spell.

Mike Daws replied 13 weeks ago.

Nice advice. Winter is coming; it will be interesting to see this work. It'd be good to pop it out; I think it detracts from the full value of the climb a little by providing a free piece during that section of sustained crack size.

Alastair McDowell replied 12 weeks ago.

I extracted the stuck hex today using my ice axe. Even though it was wiggling loose by hand I couldn't get it out, and hammering it around just made it worse, but with the ice pick I could rotate it around towards the edge and finally hammer it free. Still in fine condition, bit of sanding will get rid of the sharp burrs. Henrique when do you get back to Blueys to get it back?

Paul Thomson replied 12 weeks ago.

Why did you have an ice axe at Cosmic?

Alastair McDowell replied 12 weeks ago.

To remove this stuck hex... I considered making the first dry tooling ascent of Gentlemans drag but thought better of it

Will Vidler replied 12 weeks ago.

Can you go get my cam from Piddo please?

Henrique de Almeida Mendonça replied 12 weeks ago.

Legend, Alastair! Thanks heaps for the effort!

The problem is that I'm in the states now. Do you wanna come to the sierras, squamish or similar before august? lol I'll try to get someone to hold it for me until I get back down there... talk to you soon

Alastair McDowell replied 12 weeks ago.

Which route Will?

Ill be in Yosemite in couple weeks, meet me on El Cap tower? Ill need your hex for stove legs but u can have it after that

Showing all 12 messages.

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