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Discussion: Moved top pitch lower-off Started by Kieran Loughran.

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  • Started: 7 months ago on Sun 26th Nov 2017

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Kieran Loughran started this discussion 7 months ago.

Moved top pitch lower-off

The lower-off on the second pitch at the exit to Flinders Lane was placed to avoid having to move past numerous loose blocks on the slab to Flinders Lane. But, although the anchor was somewhat obscured by bushes, it was still partially visible and some parties have been climbing down to it. Presumably they thought it was the AbFab abseil, which isn't visible unless you actually poke your head over the edge. Because of the risk to climbers below in this popular area, the lower-off has itself been lowered about 3 metres to just below the final bulge to make sure people don't climb down to it.

I thought about removing the anchor altogether but this finish would still get done occasionally and the risk to people below if one of those blocks falls is too great.

As for trundling the loose rock, there is a lot of it and much of it would go down Kestrel, potentially doing a lot of damage and leaving loose rock on every flat surface. Alsos Kestrel has quite a few blocks on it and some of those might be destabilised by falling rock.

John Pitcairn replied 7 months ago.

Is this the lower off for P2 of Skylark, or for Skylark Direct Finish?

Kieran Loughran replied 7 months ago.

Skylark. That's the route this entry is under.

John Pitcairn replied 7 months ago.

Oops yes sorry was just viewing in my feed.

Showing all 4 messages.

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