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Discussion: Editing Locked Started by Postman.

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  • Started: 7 months ago on Tue 12th Dec 2017

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Postman started this discussion 7 months ago.

Editing Locked

Does anyone know what's going on with editing crags in the Sutherland area?

I'm currently projecting Revesby Rocks and The Party Palace Cave but can't edit anything...

Rob Medlicott replied 7 months ago.

There has been issues with someone going and writing all crags up as closed, when they weren't. There was big controversy and debate and the administrators turned off editing. What are you trying to do? Add new routes?

Postman replied 7 months ago.

Ahhh I figured that would be all sorted out by now...

Yeah trying to add new routes and stuff.

Neil Monteith replied 7 months ago.

Email this website and ask for editing priviledges for that area. They usually respond super quick.

replied 7 months ago.

hi guys, Has anything been resolved locally? This issue in part prompted us to tighten up the security model and so if the locals are happy we could just turn off the editing restrictions here and go back to just editors being allow to edit (instead of anyone which was what allowed the original issue to happen)

Neil Monteith replied 7 months ago.

Nothing has been resolved, but im more than happy for you to switch to the editors edit version.

Postman replied 7 months ago.

Requesting for editing definitely sounds good, maybe a little brief on why you want to edit that area too in case of randoms editing again.

I'm quite keen to start questing so will email for editing if need be.

replied 7 months ago.

Ok I have just unlocked this crag, Postman I've also made you an editor. If anyone sees dodgy edit's please ping us, and if anyone else needs access please ask


Postman replied 7 months ago.

Legend, thank you! If I want to request other crags should I just post or email you?

replied 7 months ago.

Every crag or below should have a request permissions button at the top, please use that

Postman replied 6 months ago.

Will do, cheers Brendan!

Showing all 11 messages.

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