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Discussion: PSA re: Tombstone Row Started by Nate Lawrence.

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  • Started: 6 months ago on Sat 6th Jan 2018

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started this discussion 6 months ago.

PSA re: Tombstone Row

There is a very loose piece of rock at the third bolt on Tombstone Row. I place some climbing tape on it as a warning to future climbers because I could not physically remove it. It is a large enough piece of rock to be dangerous and really should be removed. I did not have the tools or wherewithal to be able to remove it. Just thought I would let the community know.

Mark Gamble replied 6 months ago.

Hey Nate,

Not sure if anyone got back to you, but Dave mentioned that someone had pasted your post into the FB page for discussion and it will be looked at, if not already.

Thx for bringing it up.


replied 6 months ago.

Ahh, excellent. Thanks for the reply. I'm not on the Facebook, and wasn't exactly sure where to post about the issue.

Thanks for the heads up!


Mark Gamble replied 6 months ago.


Not on FB??

It's a whole universe unto itself where one only needs 3 words: "like", "friend", "unfriend".

(Needless to say, neither am I - wink)

Showing all 4 messages.

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