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Discussion: FOUND - Gri Gri 2 @ Duck Wall Started by Kurt Doherty.

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  • Started: 3 months ago on Mon 8th Jan 2018

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Kurt Doherty started this discussion 3 months ago.

FOUND - Gri Gri 2 @ Duck Wall

Hey all, I found a Gri Gri 2 at Duck Wall today. Thought it was a friends who'd said he'd lost his so walked it out, but it's not his. If it's yours, let me know so I can return it (I don't want/need another Gri Gri). I'm in Blackheath until the 15th, so if it isn't claimed by then, I'll be finding someone to leave it with.

Kate replied 3 months ago.

Hey Kurt, I lost my gri gri there when I was climbing on Friday! Ill be around the mountains this weekend so I can pick it up from you then if that suits!

Sammi replied 3 months ago.

Hi Kate, Kurt has left the Blue Mountains, but your Gri Gri is at Big John's in Blackheath, ready for you to pick up on the weekend.

Showing all 3 messages.

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