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Discussion: hawkebury river climbing Started by phil stallard.

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  • Started: 3 months ago on Sun 14th Jan 2018

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phil stallard started this discussion 3 months ago.

hawkebury river climbing

I've done a lot of new routes here over the years, I have a few secret crags I may divulge to the right people.....

Tim Mayer replied 3 months ago.

Sounds alright. How close are these areas to Hornsby and what style of climbing is it ? Finally how does the rock quality rate ? I enjoy hard sport climbing, but I also like to find more easy mixed stuff, for my 8 YOs to do.

phil stallard replied 14 weeks ago.

i did a lot of routes near jolls bridge ..this crag I've found is near that

phil stallard replied 14 weeks ago.

I used to take my kids to wahroonga rocks..its the best place

Showing all 4 messages.

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