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Discussion: Spliter cracks next to the courtyard Started by Jara.

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Jara started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Spliter cracks next to the courtyard

Does anyone know if the two cracks just above the river at the courtyard have been climbed? Is “Where the wild things are” one of the cracks? Would have thought the discription would have mentioned the crack if it was. Any info appreciated.

Jack Folkes replied 13 weeks ago.

"Where The Wild Things Are" takes on the roof and then heads right and up the face just opposite "Frankenstein".

The main obvious splitter has only ever been climbed on aid. Never free.

Jara replied 13 weeks ago.

Thanks Jake. That’s even more inspiration to go back and flail at it!

Tyrone Clements replied 11 weeks ago.

Good job JAKE hahaha

Jack Folkes replied 11 weeks ago.

Thanks Tyrion.

Showing all 5 messages.

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