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Discussion: Typo in Name Started by Kai.

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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Fri 19th Jan 2018

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started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Typo in Name

Looking at the map I don't know why this crag was named 'Barques'. It exists a bay called Barques but it is located near Pollença. I assume the B is a typo and changed it to V as displayed on Google Maps and OSM.

Melwin Quacke replied 13 weeks ago.

The dualism of the phonemes "b" and "v" is not uncommon in Castellano vs. Catalan/Mallorquin. Probably both is correct. But sticking to the spelling in OSM/GM definitely makes sense.

replied 13 weeks ago.

You're right. Looking at the maps of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional the MTN25 map says "Barques" and at the bigger scale MTN50 "Varques". Wow their air/satellite photos are much better than Googles satellite layer. MTN200 "Varques"

Showing all 3 messages.

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