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Discussion: Lost BD quickdraws Started by Naaman Ra.

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  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Sun 28th Jan 2018

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Naaman Ra started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

Lost BD quickdraws

Hey, We left 7 purple BD quickdraws on the grade 20 on Mossy Wall on the Friday 26th. We came back the next morning and they were gone. If anyone cleaned them and accidentally mixed them into their gear, I'd be very keen to get them back. Please let me know. Naaman.

Evan Wells replied 12 weeks ago.

Left cheek right cheek left cheek right cheek

Naaman Ra replied 12 weeks ago.

does this help me somehow?

Evan Wells replied 12 weeks ago.

Nah man , just some lyrics to a classy song.

Showing all 4 messages.

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