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Ulfi started this discussion 11 weeks ago.

Climbing Gyms on theCrag

Climbing gyms in Canada

Dear users of theCrag in Canada,

as you have probably seen, we have imported many of the gyms in Canada onto theCrag. Currently you can find the on "territory level". We would appreciate your help in re-locating them to the right areas on theCrag. If you have updates or more infos for these gym, please update the information provided.

Thanks for your help and for using theCrag! Ulf

replied 10 weeks ago.

I'll take a look at that when I get the chance.

replied 10 weeks ago.

Also, are you with that totally-awesome mega-van that I saw down at EPC late December/early January.

(And, reparenting is a bit of work, but apparently no karma. )

replied 10 weeks ago.

And done.

Some had no sub-region to re-parent them to. I also created a couple new sub-regions to hold some of the gyms.

replied 10 weeks ago.

I wouldn't say it is a van

replied 10 weeks ago.

I'm not sure what I would have said it was -- so I went with mega-van. Bigger, stronger, tougher than a van... it's mega-van.

Ulfi replied 10 weeks ago.

Thanks for your work and yes, it’s me with the van - in El Salto now...

Bernii replied 9 weeks ago.

It is not van , it is house . Next time knock to door for beer

replied 9 weeks ago.

A house with wheels!

Will do, if I see you again. But, sadly, I don't have another climbing trip planned yet, so I have no idea when that might be.

Showing all 9 messages.

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