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Discussion: looking for climbers mallorca Started by Moritz Lembert.

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  • Started: 5 months ago on Tue 6th Feb 2018

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Moritz Lembert started this discussion 5 months ago.

looking for climbers mallorca

Hey, we are two guys looking for people that want to go climbing tomorrow. We are currently staying in palma and looking for a way to go climbing without having a car

replied 5 months ago.

Should be pretty inexpensive to hire a car when you're two or more, right? I can't join on such short notice. Have fun.

Moritz Lembert replied 5 months ago.

the problem we have is that we don't have a credit card. Otherwise we would have done it already. Is there any way to hire a car in Palma without credit card?

replied 5 months ago.

Ask If you can deposit the bail in cash. The deposit is IMHO the only reason that the rental stations require credit cards.

replied 5 months ago.

And don't forget the bus network, which is quite ok. Sa Gubia, one of the best crags on the island, can be reached easily. Some others, too.

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 5 months ago.

Have fun guys, there's tons of great spots on the island. And as mentioned, some of those are pretty easy to reach using public transport.

Showing all 6 messages.

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