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Discussion: Topo at 'Bürser Verschneidung' is broken Started by Philip.

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started this discussion 10 weeks ago.

Topo at 'Bürser Verschneidung' is broken

Hey Simon Dale and Brendan Heywood,

it seems like one of the topos at Bürser Verschneidung is broken. Was the image deleted from the server somehow?

replied 10 weeks ago.

It is there but I don't know why it is not displaying.

I have raised an issue here:

replied 10 weeks ago.

Looks like a similar issue i was facing yesterday: When you check 'Belgium' the areas are not showing in the map anymore, even though it says they are linked:

edit: Maybe not related after all, I'll raise a new issue...

replied 10 weeks ago.

These are two separate issues. The one with the maps is fixed, but I have no idea why the topo is not working. It is somewhere deep in the configuration install of third party software, so it will take a while to fix. I have done some triage and there is nothing simple I have seen. The next step is long and involved, isolating the error condition in third party software. It is gong to be a while before I get time for this.

Showing all 4 messages.

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