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Discussion: Adelaide Partner please :-) Started by adeen.

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  • Started: 28 days ago on Mon 19th Feb 2018

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adeen started this discussion 28 days ago.

Adelaide Partner please :-)

Hiya, I'm in Adelaide until 2March 2018, so just 10 days, I have my shoes/harness/belay with me, and would LOVE to explore some of the outdoor spots.. please let me know if there's a trip I can tag along with, Thanks

Jason Morton replied 25 days ago.

Hi adeen I'm free to climb Saturday afternoon. I live near morialta and Norton summit.

Sam VS replied 25 days ago.

You guys keen to hit the summit or thorn buttress on Saturday?

Jason Morton replied 24 days ago.

Yup. I'll be at the summit this afternoon from 3pm

adeen replied 21 days ago.

oh man, this is what I get for being without internet a while. Hope you had a good climb? I'm able to get out tomorrow (Wednesday) .. if anyone's around?

Jason Morton replied 20 days ago.

Sorry I will be at work today

adeen replied 20 days ago.

ok no worries.

Showing all 7 messages.

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