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Discussion: Lost Info Mt Yarrowyck Started by Bec Cowell.

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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Fri 23rd Feb 2018

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started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Lost Info Mt Yarrowyck

While reading old magazines and guides I have found reference to some Mt Yarrowyck climbs not currently listed on The Crag.

Il Gobbo (The Globe) V12 - Fred Nicole - 2000 Listed as 6 moves, SDS on a perfect spherical boulder.

Metaphase V10/11 - James Scarborough - 2001. No further info published. Scarborough also sent Fluming (V11 Arete) at Gara Gorge in 2001 which I can't find info for.

Can anyone shed some light on these ascents?

lee cossey replied 13 weeks ago.

I think Il Globo is on the candy for jeff boulder. May start the same then head further left before toping out. Fluming is a micro arete roughly in the middle of the Gara area (maybe not too far from Rogue Style). If you can get hold of a copy of the VHS film Eos 2 then these problems should be fairly obvious

Tim Nicholson replied 13 weeks ago.

Trying to remember back to the EOS 2 video from back in the day... Pretty sure Il Globo was same sit start as Candy for Jeff but instead of using the pockets, as Lee said, goes straight out under the bulge to the left using one shit crimp

replied 13 weeks ago.

Thanks Lee, I knew I kept my old VHS player for a reason, will keep an eye out for it.

replied 13 weeks ago.

Yeah I'm pretty curious now too and am trying to track down eos. All 4 of those routes mentioned are missing.

I've added LL Globo, and put in a vague line (please review):

Lee do you have any info on where Rogue Style is? Like is it in any of the topos I've already added to Gara?

lee cossey replied 12 weeks ago.

Hi Brendan, I tried to have a look through the Gara area database but there are so many that I had no idea where to begin to find Rouge Style and the few other problems that I recall. I will see if I can find my ld copy of the video and post a reference clip of it!

lee cossey replied 12 weeks ago.

Here's a start... see 1 minute in for a short clip of Fluming at Gara.

lee cossey replied 12 weeks ago.

Oh and the line of Il Globo looks as accurate as I can recall from my last trip there in '04.

replied 12 weeks ago.

thanks Lee, hhmm closest suspect for fluming I can think off is a boulder on the north east side right next to the walking track, but there is no topo in the db already.

lee cossey replied 12 weeks ago.

That would make sense Brendan as this problem looks very familiar. Pretty sure it appears on EOS 2 also!

Rouge style V9, may also start on the block on the left of the image. Vary weird style of climbing from memory.

Alan Ezzy replied 12 weeks ago.

Hey Skip, I know exactly where Fluming is. I can show it to you this afternoon if you like. As for the rest I'm not sure.

replied 12 weeks ago.

So Fluming is now documented here:

I've also tentatively added Rogue State to that other topo, I've looked at that line years ago but I suspect that a hold may have been ripped off it since fa

Was that sent by James as well?

Showing all 12 messages.

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