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Discussion: Travel tips Started by LMD.

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  • Started: 4 months ago on Wed 28th Feb 2018

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LMD started this discussion 4 months ago.

Travel tips

Hey hey,

As we are planning to visit Slovenia sometime in may i am looking for any information i can get.

Our rout is going to lead from Oplotnica, Ljubljana, Osp, Vitovlje, Trnovo, Trenta and back home.

If anyone has info on accomodation espacialy in Oplotnica, Ljubljana and Ajdovscina I would be vary grateful. as we are traveling with a Van, Campsites or anyplace to camp would be perfect.

but any other information I can get is welcome at anytime. e.g. Places to visit, nice Restaurants, Crags, Guidebooks and so on.

Thank you in advance.


Showing all 1 message.

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