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Discussion: Mountainfilm on Tour Started by Simon Dale.

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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Tue 6th Mar 2018

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started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Mountainfilm on Tour

Mountainfilm on Tour - Townsville (QLD), Thursday, 22nd of March. Win one of 4 tickets on theCrag! Submit climbing images for the North Queensland Area on theCrag - the submittors of the best images (as judged by theCrag staff) before 20th of March will receive a free ticket - maximum 2 tickets per person. Please upload images to the relevant route or area. We will notify winners by personal message. You must accept within 24 hours.

Check out more details at

Matt Brooks replied 7 weeks ago.

Where do we Submit photos to Simon?

replied 7 weeks ago.

Upload a photo like normal on any route or area in North Queensland.

Matt Brooks replied 7 weeks ago.

Cool cheers!

Bernii replied 5 weeks ago.

Mountainfilm on Tour - Townsville (QLD) has ended today and we have 3 winners James Kaczmarek 2 tickets Jarrah 1 ticket Matt Brooks 1 ticket . Thank you Nick Murphy for first picture . Thank you for contributing to theCrag

James Kaczmarek replied 5 weeks ago.

Thanks Bernii. All sorted through Instagram. Thanks for the feature

Matt Brooks replied 5 weeks ago.

Excellent who do we chat to regards these? Thank you very much guys!

MARK KRISTEN replied 4 weeks ago.

Wow, I'm planning to do this also Mountain filming on Tour at Joshua Tree, CA. I'm planning to visit QLD soon. Hope to meet new climbers there. Same thing when I went on rockclimbing at Joshua Tree CA. Thank you for assisting me well.

Regards, Kristen Mark

Jared Tyerman replied 25 days ago.

Ahh nice, didn't see this until today. Well done James!

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