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Discussion: Nostalgia... Started by Peter Monks.

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  • Started: 4 months ago on Tue 13th Mar 2018

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started this discussion 4 months ago.


Good to see the area getting some attention. Grew up here and scrambled and abseiled all over the hill throughout the 80s, including being involved in what were probably the first ascents of the two tallest boulders on top the hill (using SRT - in those days we were cavers).

Managed to get one weekend of "real" bouldering in before the property was sold in the late 90s - even back then the potential was obvious. I also took a stroll through the TSR (what is now called 'Tintin's') and made a mental note to come back (but never did).

I believe some of the hill is now a reserve - might be worth sussing that out and finding out if public access is allowed?

It's an awesome spot, and it would be even better if it were both protected and opened up for public access. The caves (a separate outcrop on the southwest side) are also an awesome and somewhat unique spot, and likely have some potential for good climbing / bouldering too.

Showing all 1 message.

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