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This is a public discussion for Battle of the Shorts.

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Tao M. Sullivan started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

info request on battle of the shorts

Hi, i've been working the problem Battle of the Shorts the last week or so and i'm wonderig where you guys put your feet to go to the slot? Thanks !

Meedu Samaraweera replied 4 weeks ago.

On the juggy ledge.

Tao M. Sullivan replied 19 days ago.

Hi, which juggy ledge is that because there are two ledges? Does it matter?

Jason Nguyen replied 18 days ago.

Everyone has a different body; try all the different footers and just go for it.

Tao M. Sullivan replied 18 days ago.

Awesome, appreciate the help, I didn’t really know what was in or not.

Showing all 5 messages.

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