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Discussion: Climbing with Children - Canberra Started by Snapper.

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Snapper started this discussion 3 months ago.

Climbing with Children - Canberra

Hi, we’ve recently moved to Canberra with our 6 month old. We are looking for partners, groups or individuals in a similar situation, or who are sympathetic to our plight. A climb needs 3 people now. We’d like to do the odd weekend outdoor around Canberra, or weeknights indoor at Hume or Mitchell. Thanks

Matt Tranter replied 3 months ago.

Mt Alex is 2h down the road. Really kid friendly and loads of families on a weekend. When they are older than 6 months it can be combined with a stop at the cool park in Goulburn, with close proximity to a coffee shop and then a brunch in Mittagong which is really kid friendly. Coupe of routes before they melt down, feed the ducks in Lake Alexandra park, traveller coffee and Bobs Your Uncle.

Showing all 2 messages.

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