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Paul started this discussion 3 months ago.

Access to sunny side

To access sunny side from Pit Fighter you just walk along the wall from pit fighter or is it more complicated (bush bash/abseil, etc)???

Ben Jenga replied 3 months ago.

Pretty easy. Walk to the far end of pit fighter wall, down a couple of ropes and rungs then down to the the creak and back up the other side. 5mins..

Paul replied 3 months ago.

Thanks mate....

So you mean walking past "Akimbo" right, then a couple of ropes and rungs?? bush bash or gnarly crossings?

What about that route "La Boda" just keep going abseiling past the rungs or do you need to set up an abseil from somewhere else?

And last question...

To go back to the top, do you have to jumar all the way up or you are able to climb the rungs using protection (rope ascenders)

Ben Jenga replied 3 months ago.

Yeah pass akimbo. The track to sunny side is steep and damp but fine. To get to la boda you have to walk back under pit fighter wall but from the base of the rungs.

Climb out the rungs with gloves and a minitraxion or grigri.

Paul replied 3 months ago.

Mate: thanks a lot !!!

Showing all 5 messages.

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