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Discussion: Partner wanted Started by Charles Cullen.

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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Tue 3rd Apr 2018

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Charles Cullen started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Partner wanted

Looking for a partner for trad and sport routes at Calabogie for weekend and sometimes weekday climbing. Have all necessary gear, all you need is harness/shoes, and experience belaying.

replied 7 weeks ago.

I work in the west-end, so may be interested in an occasional week-day evening climb at Calabogie.

Charles Cullen replied 7 weeks ago.

Awesome. Let's connect when Spring get's serious. I am self employed, so my schedule is very flexible.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Sounds good -- and, yeah, spring hasn't been very serious so far.

James Ward replied 6 weeks ago.

Hey guys I’m also on the west end and am always looking for weekday partners since I work shift work and my regular partners works 9-5.

James Ward replied 6 weeks ago.

Actually are either of you guys free this Friday during the day? If the weather improves I’m hoping to get out.

replied 6 weeks ago.

If the weather was good, I was thinking to head to Home Cliff (south-facing) rather than Calabogie on Friday. But forecast doesn't look very good right now.

James Ward replied 6 weeks ago.

Ya its been a while since I've been there so could be up for that instead. Lets keep an eye on the weather and see if it improves.

Charles Cullen replied 6 weeks ago.

Keeping eye on forecast, but if its dry I'm game for either location. I can start early.

Charles Cullen replied 6 weeks ago.

Looks like rain tomorrow starting early afternoon. Thoughts?

James Ward replied 6 weeks ago.

I'm dying to get out but the rocks going to be soooo cold in the early morning. Think I'm going to have to sit this one out. Lets try another day when the weather looks better.

replied 6 weeks ago.

With rain forecast for this evening, fog in the morning, then rain in the afternoon -- nope that's not climbing weather.

Charles Cullen replied 6 weeks ago.

Phew. Was hoping that was the consensus. Itching as well to get out there, but not keen on being miserable either.

Charles Cullen replied 4 weeks ago.

Tomorrow looks stunning. Anyone able to get out tomorrow?

James Ashley replied 27 days ago.

Hi Charles, David and James, I'm also looking for a partner to climb at Calabogie this season. I'm planning to get out this Friday evening / Saturday morning.

James Ashley, Foresters Falls

613 281 8964

replied 26 days ago.

I'm in California on business this week, so not available.

James Ashley replied 21 days ago.

I had a short but great day at Calabogie today, a nice warm up for the season. I climbed with a soloist, which made the set up and climbs more time consuming.

James Ashley replied 12 days ago.

I'm planning on heading out to Calabogie this weekend (May 19, 20), either Sat or Sun. Anyone keen?

Charles Cullen replied 11 days ago.

I'm available either day but Saturday looks best weather wise this far,especially if we start early. Does that work for you?

James Ashley replied 10 days ago.

30% chance of rain..eek! Sounds good Charles, i'm keen for Saturday. What time would you like to meet up?

613 281 8964

Showing all 20 messages.

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