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Discussion: advice please, suitable spot to top rope with my kids Started by tony.

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tony started this discussion 17 days ago.

advice please, suitable spot to top rope with my kids

Hi to all the Glass house mountain locals. I am hoping some of you could suggest a suitable cliff I can take my kids to for some top roping whilst we are up on holidays in July. Ideally we are looking for a cliff with grades between 15 and 23 with easy set ups (bolts would be great if there are any suitable areas) and not to hard access... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

replied 17 days ago.

Ngungun Flat Battery wall and Owl pillar have both top access. The area is close to carpark.

tony replied 14 days ago.

Thanks Chris. Much appreciated. I will be sure to check these out.

Mark Gamble replied 14 days ago.

Hi Tony, If you run out of climbs at Owl Pillar, then consider Andromeda. Nothing harder than 19, but a fair few to choose from above 15. All rebolted by SCQ, good anchors and shortish routes: Max 28m or so.

tony replied 13 days ago.

Hi Mark. Thanks. I was looking at andromeda... What is the access to the top like and for the routes with dbb are they easy to get to? Thanks for your help.

Mark Gamble replied 13 days ago.

Hey Tony,

Top access is tricky, but is possible at the far lh end: Legends Wall. You're really much safer, and better off leading the routes. Legends Wall has a lot of v.easy stuff either end, with the hard routes in the middle, so traversing across to anchors on harder routes there (2x17, 1x16, 1x15) is pretty easy. The rh end (Main Wall) is all the hard stuff: 18s, 17s etc. But there is a 14 at the very far right end. Enjoy

replied 13 days ago.

How does Owl Pillar have TR access? :-/ or do you mean via the climb up the back (low grade solo)??

replied 13 days ago.

Yes, the easy scramble at the back. Assuming they can solo since they're asking for grade 23 clmbs...

replied 13 days ago.

Ha ha. Valid.

tony replied 12 days ago.

Hi Chris and John. I was wondering about the access on the pillar. To be honest whilst I am happy to solo easier stuff I am uncomfortable doing it when I am with my kids and at a cliff I do not know. I was thinking I would look and assess it on the day. I was after some harder stuff not for me but my young bloke for top rope. The bugger climbs way harder than I do these days. Just not on lead.

replied 12 days ago.

While the kids are waiting at the base of the pillar, you can scramble up the back and find chains on the top. Pretty straightforward. There are a bunch of climbs on the pillar. Short but fun.

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