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Discussion: How to delete Routes Started by Andre Rodriguez.

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  • Started: 21 days ago on Thu 31st May 2018

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started this discussion 21 days ago.

How to delete Routes

Hello everyone, I want to delete a route in an area I already got high permission level (it is a placeholder route). How can I do it? I can not find any hints or options which allow me to delete it.


Regards André

replied 21 days ago.

You cannot delete. Normally routes are merged. There are some edge cases where we need to move routes into a purgatory area.

Which route

replied 17 days ago.

Hi Simon, thanks for your comment. Its in Roche de Lion (France - Grand-Est - Vosges du midi).

But anyway .... why do people create placeholders when they create a new area?


Regards André

replied 17 days ago.

I have moved this to purgatory. This was an old historical practice, probably to get around an early bug. We certainly do not want this practice now.

Showing all 4 messages.

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