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  • Started: about two years ago on Fri 26th Apr 2019

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Fre started this discussion about two years ago.

'Blocks' sector misplaced

The sector 'Blocks' in the the 'Falesia Segrom' crag actually belongs to the 'Massi delle Traole' crag, which has been already developed and lacks only the routes for the 'Mangusta' sector. I think that 'Blocks' sector should be removed and the missing routes moved to the 'Massi delle Traole' crag. How can I remove it?

replied about two years ago.

Fre it's hard to see exactly what is going on, to make things easier can you please add the missing cliff locations here:


After that is is way easier to see what should be moved / merged / removed

Basti replied about two years ago.

Hi, I believe I originally added some routes to the blocks sector. I moved and merged the routes as Fre suggested a few days ago. Sorry, I forgot to mention it here.

Fre, is it OK now?

replied about two years ago.

Uh, tried to figure out what is going on. I think we need to make edits of private accounts public. I don't see the edits of Basti.

replied about two years ago.

Yes this was an oversight in the original design of the streams. We will shortly be updating our terms which covers a whole bunch of stuff including making it explicit that edits to public data will be public even if your account is private. We still need to actually do that code but it is coming shortly.

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