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  • Started: about two years ago on Sat 20th Jul 2019

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Access Moon Hill now open~!

See details here:

Previous post: The administration has closed access to this crag due to the fear of rocks falling on tourists from climbing. Apparently this happened a year ago. It is uncertain if this crag will reopen, but the hike is still good.

There is a clear sign at the entrance of the moon hill hike that no climbing is permitted. Heavy fines apply if caught!

This closure may change, but best to double check with local Chinese climbers at the bars Rock Abond and Rusty Bolt.

Karin replied about a year ago.

We went to moon hill climbing today. It is still not easily accessible for climbers, we didn't feel "welcome" - had big arguments with the security guards. They said because today no "security guard" is on duty, we can not climb. However, luckily two climbers there knew the supposed to be "security guard" and his number. They called him and he showed up half an hour later. Funny thing is then we could buy two tickets for climbing (50 cny per pers) and the "security guard" didn't come up with us first. He came later - we were already climbing and in fact he didn't do anything with any "security" purpose (for e.g. warn the tourists about falling rock or something like that..). Anyway - climbing at moon hill is spectacular and if you have a chance go to yangshuo and try to climb there!!

Quyên replied about a year ago.

Thanks for the update Karin I'm sure other visiting climbers appreciate the heads-up. Hope the photos look good!

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