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  • Started: 2 years ago on Sun 2nd Feb 2020

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How to use linkup when logging multi-pitch ascents

Can anyone please explain to me how to properly use the linkup feature?

Let's say I climb pitch 1 of Route A and then continue to climb pitch 2 of Route B (because they happen to share the same belay).

This is the text from the documentation, but I'm not sure I get what is meant:

"In order to record a linkup, just click on the Linkup button and enter the name of the route you linked into. The ascent name will be modified by adding this name."

Though, when I try that, my ascent shows up as an ascent from Route A, whereas Route B is just a String that I enter at random. See example screenshot:

is this how this feature is supposed to work, or am I missing something here?

replied 2 years ago.

Hi Dominik,

to me it seems you have done it right - this "only" creates a new route "on the fly" by adding the name and applying the harder grade.

I just had a brief look at the cliff on theCrag and it seems that some L1-routes still have "2-pitch" grade contributions. See screenshot:

I wasn't sure what is correct and didn't delete it in this case.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks for your contributions!

replied 2 years ago.

Oh, so linkup creates a route on the fly. Good to know. Maybe worth explaining this a bit further on the documentation page, as I couldn't really understand what I was supposed to do. E.g. provide an example that shows which linkup field to fill and with what information.

This particular example of Champagne you pointed out seems to come from a grade citation by one user

And I cannot even find where this was entered.

The route itself has only a single pitch with grade 5c, see details.

replied 2 years ago.

He supposedly entered the grade in the "Your grade" field. You cannot see this, because it is user-specific. And even if the pitch field is set to "1", you can add multi-pitch grade information by using comma-separated notation.

replied 2 years ago.

If so, this means that a user by entering his own grade as a multi-pitch comma separated grade can alter how the route is displayed for everyone. And a (regular) editor of the crag cannot correct it for that route (even though the route is not meant as a multi-pitch route in such a case).

Sounds to me that is is a sort of side-effect that leans a bit towards a bug.

replied 2 years ago.

Hi Dominik, I’ll have a look at this. Can you check if you can edit the grade contribution from the route page? Click on the 3 dots next to edit, there should be a menu item to do so...

replied 2 years ago.

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Kiko Aura replied about a year ago.


Just saw this old discussion while looking for information and I would love some help. I believe this could also help future users.

Following Dominik 's example.

Route A: 95 olé, 5 pitches.

Route B: Sonjannika, 6 pitches.

They share a ledge on the wall so I climb first 3 pitches of A and 2 last ones of B.

My ascent is something like:

  1. A, pitch 1.

  2. A, pitch 2.

  3. A, pitch 3.

  4. B, pitch 5.

  5. B, pitch 6.

So far, what I did is:

It looks like two different routes/ascents rather than linking pitches.


  1. Do I log my ascent on A and use "linkup" on pitch 3 within route A? Do I then manually add two more pitches within that route A ascent (the 2 last pitches from route B)?

  2. Do I log 2 different ascents (one in route A and one in route B) deleting the pitches I didn't climb? (which is what I did).

  3. Do you use the "linkup" function within the starting route (A) or the finishing one (B)?

  4. When you use the "linkup" function, is it supposed to automatically "link" the linked route? (As in blue highlighted text that you can click on).

Thank you! Regards, Kiko.

replied about a year ago.

Kiko Aura sorry, cannot help you here. I've used the "linkup" only once and was confused about it myself at the time.

replied about a year ago.

Hello Kiko Aura , sorry for the delay. The basic idea is to log it as one ascent starting with route A. Remove teh pitches you didn't climb and then click on linkup and enter the route name manually like "Route B pitch 4" and for the next pitch "Route b pitch 5". This creates one ascent with the info what you climbed. While this could be solved nicer (I agree :-): this is how it is supposed to work. I don't think it creates a "hyperlink" to the second route though - please let me know how it was for you.

hope that helps, cheers Ulf

replied 6 months ago.

'enter the route name manually like "Route B pitch 4" and for the next pitch "Route b pitch 5". This creates one ascent with the info what you climbed.'

This doesn't create one ascent when I do it:

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