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  • Started: 3 months ago on Sun 16th Feb 2020

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Julz started this discussion 3 months ago.


First of all, apologies if another post similar to this exists. I was wondering at what Australian grade does having quickdraws up on a sport route become a redpoint.

theCrag tick types page says that if the route is "hard" and gear has already been preplaced, it is acceptable to say you redpointed it.

At what Australian grade is it considered hard?

JSBC replied 3 months ago.

Ondra redpointed Silence with draws up. Nuff bloody said.

Josh replied 3 months ago.

It’s relative to your ability

replied 3 months ago.

I think draws up is a pink point. Placing draws on lead is red point. Either is an acceptable clean lead send. No relativity otherwise all my dogs are sends

replied 3 months ago.

To clarify, I don’t think it really matters. Both are clean sends unless you’re on trad shrug

replied 3 months ago.

This one again , I’ll watch just for laughs, Nothing against you julz good question. But yes we’ve been through it all many times, someone needs to pin this topic so everyone can see it.

Yeah that damn Ondra claiming a redpoint when it was clearly a pink point, should of done it on trad gear ground up, flaming sport climbers

Ryan Sklenica

Evan Wells replied 3 months ago.

Personal taste. When I started climbing I was only aware of two terms. Redpoint and onsight. I log redpoints whether draws are up or not because the notion of pinkpoint was only made aware to me by this site. Now there are 25 flavours of ascent. I dont care for most of them , each to their own.

oliver kerr replied 14 weeks ago.

I agree Evan, there needs to be Specific Redpoint and General Redpoint. Also we need to add an O-Point for when I could have done the route but I didn't bother.

harold ramsey replied 14 weeks ago.

It's a distinction that's only really relevant to trad climbs. For sport climbing it's just a personal option if you want that extra category, no fixed rules. Just some bonus brownie points for putting the draws on.

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