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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Fri 21st Feb 2020

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Valentin Iovene started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

exporting gym routes data

for route setting in gyms, it would be quite useful to be able to export the routes in a particular gym as CSV data (for example).

in my gym (non-profit btw) we're thinking of using thecrag to maintain an always up-to-date list of routes in the gym.

we would like to be able to export the current routes of the gym to some kind of CSV format.

is that already possible?

replied 13 weeks ago.

There is a gym report in excel format.

There are many community managed gyms and a lot of gym support features. Have you read the article on gym solution

Valentin Iovene replied 13 weeks ago.

i don't see any excel format export in the gym area page

is that a functionality that comes with the "gym solution" sold by thecrag?

replied 13 weeks ago.

Yeah, this is part of the commercial version. If I understand you right, your gym is non-Profit, correct? I’m happy to give you a year of the commercial version for free. Maybe we can do some posts on social once you are up and running and happy ;-).

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