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  • Started: 5 months ago on Wed 26th Feb 2020

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Eben Myrddin Muse started this discussion 5 months ago.

Burwood Climbing Walls

Looks like I'm moving to Burwood in Melbourne next Wednesday... Does anybody know what the nearest wall would be? Is there a climbing community in Burwood, any home walls or places I could go train? Trying to avoid having to bring a portable fingerboard with me but the nearest wall I can find is a good hour and change away on the bus!

@dalai replied 5 months ago.

Nunawading is just a few suburbs away.

Toby Orchard replied 5 months ago.

Pretty close to La Roca there too.

Eben Myrddin Muse replied 5 months ago.

Cheers! Have had a look at both and they look pretty good, an hour and 45 mins by public transport respectively. I guess I am just used to my current luxury of a wall 10 mins away..

@dalai replied 5 months ago.

Surprised public transport would take that long to go to Nunawading? Depending where you are in Burwood, but either tram up Buwood hwy and bus Springvale Rd or bus north to the Belgrave/Lilydale train line.

If you have a bicycle, you can ride north to the above train line and ride the bike path that runs parallel.

Eben Myrddin Muse replied 5 months ago.

Just going off Google maps estimates so it may be off by a bit I'll definitely look into getting a bicycle! Cheers!

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