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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Thu 27th Feb 2020

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According to a topo by Arnaud Petit it looks like this area needs some re-structuring. Especially the sub-areas 'East Face Towers' and 'East Dome' look like conflicting nodes. Either the nodes should be merged or the 'East Dome' should be a child of 'East Face Towers' and all remaining towers need to be added.

Can someone confirm this observation?

thomas puddy replied 13 weeks ago.

I can't confirm but go for it

replied 13 weeks ago.

I don't necessarily have to do it myself.

Victor Geißler replied 13 weeks ago.

In the Guidebook by Tony Howard "East Face Towers" and "East Dome" are two seperated items. The former refers to the small towers at the base of the East face (Goldfinger, Walk like an Egyptian, Mumkin...), whereas the "East Dome" is the summit of the complete East Face of Jebel Rum.

replied 13 weeks ago.

Thanks Victor for the infos. So the 'East Face towers' are features (sectors) of the 'East Dome'? Could you do the job and add some more details?

Victor Geißler replied 13 weeks ago.


Ali Hasan replied 13 weeks ago.

I think the best way to do it, is to have east dome as a parent, and 2 sub areas - Towers - Short routes

And document the routes accordingly matching Tony Howard book

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