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Welcome to the Gym Forum

This forum is intended to cover "Gym only" related topics on theCrag. It is meant for gym owners / managers, route setters and theCrag gym users.

replied 6 months ago.

This is to inform you about a new set of features for gyms, that allows you to:

  • Set the height of a feature that is automatically copied to all new routes on this feature on creation / edit of the route
  • Select a template on a feature to reduce the number of fields displayed on entry and pre-populate fields like "date set" and "setter", making data entry much more efficient
  • Define custom grades for a gym like many gyms have for e.g. bouldering areas.

replied 6 months ago.

Also, if you are ticking in a bouldering gym, please feel free to ask to become beta-tester of a new ticking interface. The "session ticking interface" allows you to tick multiple boulders at once by just clicking on the tick type.

Joss Barquín replied 9 weeks ago.

Will thecrag add a feature to log in only visits? My gym doesn't have any problems nor routes, but I want to log in my visits to keep track of them. Thanks

replied 9 weeks ago.

Thanks for asking Joss Barquín - not for now. You can always just log a generic route for this gym for now to keep track. Hope that helps, cheers, Ulf

Joss Barquín replied 9 weeks ago.

i did just that... created a generic boulder and just log the ascent with it. it helps for the moment1 thanks!!!

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