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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Sun 5th Apr 2020

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Warwick Davis logged a warning 8 weeks ago. Resolved

Rock Loose rocks

Some very large flakes and blocks that could easily be pulled out/off about half-way up the main line.

Resolved Sun Apr 5 2020
Resolved Warwick Davis - Sun Apr 5 2020

replied 7 weeks ago.

Out of curiosity, how was it resolved? Did they fall off over the weekend? Were they pulled off? What...?

Warwick Davis replied 7 weeks ago.

Hey Adrian, nothing has changed but my realisation that only myself and a couple of other people even know this route exists. I thought by putting a warning up it would only appear to those looking at that particular crag. It's in the middle of nowhere, on private land and almost impossible to find. I added it to the crag for prosperity as I believe it to be one of the first routes on the mountain. It can only be top-roped and access is via a lead climb (which is also extremely hard to spot), on good rock to the left of it. What are your thoughts/advice should i "unresolve" it?

replied 4 weeks ago.

Don't know... If you keep the existence of this crag to yourself, and these routes in particular, the likelihood of others finding them is not high, which will keep them safe by default.

Alt: if you decide to log them publicly and write them up, it probably wouldn't hurt to put the warnings into the route description.

However, you found them... and survived the danger. Hopefully, if any other intrepids "stumble" across them, they will also be savvy enough to recognise the danger and avoid it, before the danger catches them.

One thing I did note, however, is that the lat and long of this crag are publicly available on this site. If you (or the owner of the land) don't want people going there, maybe removing the lat and long would be a good idea?


Warwick Davis replied 4 weeks ago.

Thanks mate. The lat and long is the centre of the area I marked out which contains about 7 mountains. It's in the middle of a farmer's paddock so doesnt give any clues as to which mountain I'm referring to.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Sounds good! Maybe you should incorporate it with geo-caching? Adrian.

Warwick Davis replied 4 weeks ago.

Haha, now there's an idea

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