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  • Started: 2 years ago on Thu 9th Apr 2020

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esperanza logged a warning 2 years ago. Resolved

Access Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert level 1

Most normal activity can resume, with precautions and health guidelines followed at all times. Population prepared for an increase in alert levels if necessary.

Adjusted alert level 1 will be in place from 1 October 2021.

The regulations below will be updated as soon as possible after it being published. It include among others:

  • Curfew from midnight to 4am
  • Gatherings limited to 750 people indoors and 2000 people outdoors
  • Night vigils, after-funeral gatherings remain prohibited.

Resolved Fri Oct 1 2021

replied 2 years ago.

The covid-19 pandemic in South Africa has put the farms in Rocklands under great financial pressure and the very real possibility of the farmers and farm workers losing their land and their jobs. This may lead to the end of Rocklands bouldering.

Through donating, you will be able to contribute to the survival of Rocklands as well as the livelihood of the many farmworkers and their families that these farms employ.

Marc dM replied about two years ago.

Since 21 September 2020 the Alert level in South Africa has been reduced to the lowest at level 1.

replied about a year ago.

This comment has been removed.

replied about a year ago.

replied about a year ago.

Robert please feel free to update this warnings first post if alert level changes.

replied about a year ago.

Thanks Kai . I think I lack user permissions to do so

Thanks for updating to the current alert level. I do think that when we get back down to level 1/2 after our third wave is over in ~2 months time we could probably remove this warning. Most people in SA are aware, and it doesn't really affect climbing specifically.

Unless you think it's useful for international climbers who might not know to check the COVID restrictions before planning their trips?

replied about a year ago.

As you think my next trip to SA is not scheduled yet and won't be for the near future. May be other SA climbers have an opinion on that? I'm glad to help out.

replied 8 months ago.

The presidency has just announced that we've moved back down to alert level 2 as our 3rd wave is almost over. I think we can remove this warning and reinstate a warning if/when another wave starts. Seeing the warning banner on the page for every crag and wall causes warning fatigue, which means people might miss important warnings about loose rocks and other dangers.

replied 8 months ago.

Completely agree with Robert, no need for the banner anymore.

replied 7 months ago.

Wian van Zyl go ahead and resolve the issue if you think it is appropriate.

Resolved - Fri Oct 1 2021

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