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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Thu 9th Apr 2020

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Climbing at browns Beach

craig gilbert Trent Williams hey guys, was wondering if you might have any more information on the location of the climbing at browns Beach? It shows you've climbed the one route there so figured you're the best to ask, cheers

craig gilbert replied 6 weeks ago.

Hi Nick, Access id by boat only. the climb is accessed via parking the boat at the nearby beach and then walking along the coastal rocks. its a short climb, low grade with soft sandstone and probably less than 10m high. nothing exciting.


replied 4 weeks ago.

Ah, cheers for the info mate. Reckons there's anything else along that coastline that could be worth trying out? Plenty of rock around?

craig gilbert replied 4 weeks ago.

I've spent a lot of time along the coast here and there are plenty of good small bouldering spots but the only good reasonable climb would be the one north of etty bay that i posted a photo of.

replied 23 days ago.

Ok, good to know, cheers for the help and info mate!

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