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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Sat 11th Apr 2020

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Mark Gamble logged a warning 7 weeks ago. Resolved

Access Closure

The Glasshouse NPs are closed until 31st May due to the COVID19 pandemic & social distancing restrictions.

(Updated 18th April)

Resolved Thu Apr 30 2020

replied 7 weeks ago.

Reading the website infos (unless they have changed things again), from the link, looks like only some facilities are closed, but not the NP. No mention about rock climbing but only BBQ, day use areas and summit trails, so to avoid large gathering of tourists. I think they should close the National Park instead of creating lots of grey areas or at least specify about rock climbing activities, since rock climbers are an important chunk of the glassies.

Patrick Hall replied 6 weeks ago.

And the update on the 18th of April specifically states that rocking is banned until the 31st of May

replied 6 weeks ago.

Could you please post a link, Patrick?

replied 6 weeks ago.

It can be found in the link Mark posted, it states under closures: The following peaks: Mt Beerwah, Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Ngungun (includes all summit trails and rock climbing routes)

Neil Monteith replied 6 weeks ago.

Dwarfland is open! Haha.

replied 6 weeks ago.

So, off-track is legal as crowded shopping centres.

David Jefferson replied 6 weeks ago.

Last time I was at Dwarfland I took an 8m fall, nearly decking from the top of a route when the hold I was clipping the anchor with exploded in my hand. Good time to revisit the place!

Mark Gamble replied 6 weeks ago.

David - ROFL

Mark Gamble replied 6 weeks ago.

P.s. some other hints: Serpent. Ninderry. Tinberwah. Coolum = a tad iffy:

David Jefferson replied 6 weeks ago.

Cheers Mark! The Mrs and I have decided to stay local until the movement restrictions are lifted, which for me means White Rock is the only option. Keen to return to the others though!

Mark Gamble replied 6 weeks ago.

Ooo, just down the road from me.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Two climbers, 30 metres apart, on an isolated mountainside, in a place that hasn't seen another human being for six months (or even three weeks), represent a risk of spreading covid 19 to all the other unsuspecting passers-by on the cliff face?

Yeah! and pigs might fly!

Where do these overzealous, ivory-tower control-freaks get off?

replied 4 weeks ago.

Well, so should they make specific rules just for obscure crags, simulclimbed only? The sooner we get rid of this virus, the better for all of us.

Mark Gamble replied 4 weeks ago.

I understand your pain Adrian.

QPWS have taken the safe approach and closed enmass. Mt. Maroon = ca.2,500 visitors p/a! Closed. Mt. Ngungun = ca.5,000 visitors per week! Closed. Not a fair analogy at all.

Anyhoo, tis muted for now:

As of midnight tonight: Friday 1st. May 2020.

Resolved Mark Gamble - Thu Apr 30 2020

replied 4 weeks ago.

Cris, I totally agree that the sooner we get rid of this virus the better for all of us (and I'm in a higher risk category than you are), and I also acknowledge that to some extent it's my extreme frustration speaking.

HOWEVER... you, of all people, know that we're not in the same sporting league as a mass spectator stadium sport like football. Nor do any of the crags I've been on on Beerwah or Tibrogargan (or a lot of other places) EVER get the same sort of crowd density that the current rules have permitted at my local centrally air-conditioned shopping centre, or local Centrelink Office, just for two quick, off-the-top-of-my-head examples.

As long as we observe sensible two metre distancing and the NORMAL practice of climbing in pairs, why does anyone need to make any further rules for us at all?

Why was there a rule that prohibited an unemployed bloke from going out into the middle of Moreton Bay in his tinnie to catch some fish to feed his family, with one fishing mate for safety, or even BY HIMSELF?

HOW was the virus going to be spread to infect other people by such an action? Why was there a perceived need for the water police to patrol and intercept such boating criminals who defied this "necessary" protective law?

There's a common principle here: I think activities which tend to increase the isolation of individuals or pairs of people from the masses should be encouraged, not suppressed or even punished with over-zealous government revenue extraction.

However, fortunately the blanket is starting to lift. Even as I look forward to this, I admit that I am a little apprehensive about the possibility of a resurgence.


Mark Gamble replied 4 weeks ago.

My favourite was the 8 burly policemen, wrestling two guys to the ground and handcuffing them because they were eating pizza (2) in a locked car in a quiet suburban neighbourhood.

Albert Tate replied 4 weeks ago.


I agree - I think the bans on climbing is a bit silly. But people are silly buggers. Ever been to andromeda on the weekend? That would be unsafe - the gyms are rarely as crowded! Unfortunately the nanny state says we can't decide whether a crag is too crowded (and judging from some people they're probably right)

I've been getting my fix on obscure crags with little to no traffic waiting for all this to blow over - its a great time to get your route developer hat on imo.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Yay! Good post Albert!

Where are you? I presume, from your "route developer" comment, that you're also a trad climber?

Thanks for alerting me to Keperra Bushland ... I take your point about "obscure crags". Perhaps you'd like to take me there and give me an induction, some time soon?


Albert Tate replied 4 weeks ago.

Trying to be - mainly just puttering around on pointless boulders - got a fracture boot on at the moment so very little 'real' climbing happening.

I'm in northwest brisbane - theres a fair amount of rock here - not much quality but its a good use of time to go wandering on a bush bash to find it.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Hi Mark,

I'm sure the 8 burlies were leading by example with proper social distancing at the time of making their arrest?

Had they observed proper sanitation procedures with their hand-cuffs beforehand? Or doesn't that matter when pizza-eating criminals are involved?

And how did they get into a locked car anyway? I would consider voluntary unlocking by those inside to be proof of co-operation, ???


The one that caught my attention was the article on the front page of Yahoo a couple of weeks ago of five uniformed and fully armed cops who walked together a considerable distance along a deserted beach to inform a full-figured, bikini-clad swimmer of the restrictions. She was alone on the beach except for one friend who was at the water's edge some distance away, and another unrelated bloke away off in the distance. According to the Yahoo report, it took all five of them 20 minutes of "amicable" conversation to inform her of the rules she wasn't breaking.


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