Discussion: The Possibility of a Goals Tick-List on theCrag?

  • Started: 7 months ago on Wed 15th Apr 2020

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started this discussion 7 months ago.

The Possibility of a Goals Tick-List on theCrag?

Just putting it out there and seeing if people would be interested in an integrated tick-list for theCrag?

From time to time I stumble upon classic climbs on theCrag, and I end up bookmarking them so I don't forget about them. Each time I do this I find myself wishing that there an option to "Add Climb to Your Ticklist!".

Is there a possibility for this to be added? Who else would be interested in something like this?

JSBC replied 7 months ago.

100%. I use also the ‘North American’ crag, and it’s best feature is the tick list. It give you a percentage of how much you have completed of this list also, you can add and delete to the list and it’s the best for goal setting and progression. I can literally look back on my tick list from Canada back in 2017 that is still only 87% complete !!! Great idea Moogz.

replied 7 months ago.

Add them to a circuit?

replied 7 months ago.

You can also log the climb with a "target" tick type for your overall tick list. For themed lists, I am using the circuits feature, as also suggested by John Pitcairn. Admittedly, that feature is quite limited and has its issues, but it sort of works.

Also note that this feature request has been around since at least 2014, see also here on github:

replied 7 months ago.

+1, cool idea Alex Mougenot

replied 7 months ago.

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replied 7 months ago.

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replied 7 months ago.

Yes, this would be a nice feature to have. I believe there are already a few requests for this or similar features on github so feel free to add to them

replied 7 months ago.

Good feature to have. Also years ago I suggested a "top 10". I was told to use the circuits, an option that I never really understood.

replied 7 months ago.

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replied 7 months ago.

The crag is really lacking this feature. UKClimbing has had this feature for over 10 years and it’s great. You can have public or private lists and see your own and your friends progress.

Rockfall guidebooks all have a top 50 list at the front of each book and these make great ticklists to follow.

Laurence Judd replied 7 months ago.

I had a look at the Github issue and really like the look of what Brendon proposed back in 2014. I think this should be revisited, it would be a great addition to theCrag

David Jefferson replied 7 months ago.

Mountain Project has a similar feature that I used to use regularly when I lived in California. Just looked at it and realised that there are a few obvious lines that, embarrassingly, I still haven't ticked. Great suggestion Moogi, now how do we implement it?

Miles Mason Winther replied 7 months ago.

This would be awesome to have. The "Aspirational" ascent type is very clunky to use in comparison.

replied 7 months ago.

The more of you that choose to become financial supporters the quicker we can get through the back log.

This issue has been hanging around as a important issue for quite some time.

replied 7 months ago.

Thanks for the prompt, Simon. I've just now become an ongoing supporter Also, thanks for everything you guys do! I really appreciate theCrag and the community that has been fostered on it.

replied 7 months ago.

It would be good and if it were a private option without having to put your full profile on private, it would mean that one could use the target tick type without notifying all and sundry that you have eyes on a route. The jury is out whether or not declaring your goal publicly helps or hinders the achievement of it - I've read arguments from both sides.

I have to get around to donating again also.

Juergen Bollinger replied 7 months ago.

whenever i use spotify i cant help thinking the way one can create playlists there would be perfect for routes here at the crag as well.

Climb that turkey replied 7 months ago.

Yes please!

Dylan Butler replied 6 months ago.

I was only just trying to add a few climbs on here to a list to i could then go out and find them all and conquer them =)

Arthur Fernandez replied 6 months ago.

Yes I need that

David Martin replied 6 months ago.

Such a good idea!!

Fred Davis replied 6 months ago.

good idea

Simon P. Ratzfatz replied 12 weeks ago.

I need that!

Matt Minus replied 12 weeks ago.

I've always thought you could combine this with a recommendation for conditions/temps etc and you could get the crag to recommend you a route on your goal list for a particular day

replied 12 weeks ago.

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replied 12 weeks ago.

Good idea

Joan Sitjà replied 10 weeks ago.

would be nice!

replied 10 weeks ago.

+1!! (and was a supporter before Simon Dale )

replied 10 weeks ago.

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replied 10 weeks ago.

Yes, please!

replied 9 weeks ago.

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Truc Ng replied 9 weeks ago.

I also think this would be a great feature. Currently I use a post-it note and it's run out of space, plus is prone to getting lost often

replied 8 weeks ago.

This feature is very close to the top of our development list - so stay tuned - we will most likely launch the first version for supporters to test before we release to the wider public.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Awesome thanks Ulfi! Thanks for all your passion and hard work!

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