Discussion: Little Cave / Climb 16 loose hold

  • Started: 6 weeks ago on Thu 16th Apr 2020

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Alexander Jones logged a warning 6 weeks ago. Resolved

Rock Little Cave / Climb 16 loose hold

The arete sidepull us flaking off and very close to breaking. Be careful with the move as all your weight is on that hold. I've noticed it getting worse everytime I visit the climb. It'll break any moment.

Resolved Tue May 26 2020

replied 6 weeks ago.

Thanks for the update man!

Alexander Jones replied 26 days ago.

Checked it out last week and somebody yeeted it off. The flake is gone and completely alters the beta -- couldn't use the knee bar anymore! Keen now that it's a diff climb to resend.

replied 25 days ago.

Oh no haha. Ah well rock always changes and always will .

replied 25 days ago.

Wish I was there to see it pop off though hahaha

Alexander Jones replied 25 days ago.

The fella would have FLUNG hard I reckon. I reckon a fresh pair of undies after hahaha

Resolved Alexander Jones - Tue May 26 2020

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