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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Wed 29th Apr 2020

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Queensland North Cover Photo

We need a cover photo for the North area of Queensland. So submit your photos below, and we'll all kind of vote on them I guess. James Kaczmarek Glen Hayford Cameron Wycherley Luen Warneke Jared Tyerman Christopher Glastonbury Chris Beric Jodie Rummer. Tagged whoever I could kind of think of from what I'd seen around, add more people of course!

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I should add in at least, I feel it should have a person in the photo, maybe something coastal or jungle to show it's the tropics, route or boulder, something that just looks great

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Agreed. I don't have any stunning photos though. I would have to go out for that purpose and take something.

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Luen Warneke go out and get amongst it man! I'm sure you can come up with something great

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