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  • Started: 29 days ago on Wed 29th Apr 2020

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Jef Van Alsenoy started this discussion 29 days ago.

Changing access rules for France

There's probably a lot about to change with regards to access to various (500) crags in France. This has to do with the liability rules; the French federation will not allow to be held accountable for accidents anymore in some 20% of the cases/crags. Liability will then be transferred to the crag area landlords, who might restrict access.

More info here ( and here ( Just something we have to keep an eye out for the coming weeks if we want to keep the access info up to date.

replied 29 days ago.

Thanks Jef Van Alsenoy just read the article on Grimper this morning - this can have a major impact on climbing in France, agree.

Valentin Faure replied 26 days ago.

Thanks Jef Van Alsenoy for rising this news here. Let's hope that the law mentioned in the video will be adopted by the National Assembly soon.

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 26 days ago.

Fingers crossed.

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