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  • Started: 28 days ago on Fri 1st May 2020

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Elena Fenotti started this discussion 28 days ago.

End or not???

I'm here to ask for explanations: shouldn't the contest have ended on the 30th of April? Why people from Australia could still add qualifying exercises when it clearly was already 1st of May there?

Yesterday evening I saw the title of the Average Contest changed in "Avarage = Prize Board (ENDED)", but still tonight many exercises were added (also from people in Europe, so on 1st of May).

I think they should have specified the time zone valid for the end of the contest.

Elena Fenotti replied 28 days ago.

In this way some people added two days worth of exercises in a day, I don't really think is fair.

Karl Bromelow replied 28 days ago.

I was curious about what 30th meant Elena, So I did 25 push ups a short while ago to see whether they registered. They did. Does it really matter? You came top of the female effort leaderboard by some distance didn't you? It'll be midnight in Honolulu soon so you have a little more time. Kai, my son did a few more because he fancied recording 1,111 ascents. He likes the look of it. All just for fun surely. And we get fitter too. Take Care, Karl

Elena Fenotti replied 28 days ago.

I was not talking about the effort leaderboard Karl, I don't care too much about it because as you said I'm on the top od the female effort leaderboard by some distance. I'm talking about the Average=Price Board. The exercises you just added are not counted anymore there, but a lot of Kai's and others' are counted there even if it was no more the 30th.

I think that when there's a money prize rules should be more precise, for all the people competing for that.

Karl Bromelow replied 28 days ago.

In fact Elena,I just looked, all top 3 Effort atheletes, both male and female are a long way ahead of the 4th position atheletes so no one is in danger of losing their photo prize. And you are way ahead of 2nd in female and comfortably recorded more meters than me. Kind Regards, Karl

replied 28 days ago.

Hi The Average=Price Board is locked but the other once will stay open. Just for motivation some - peaople asked for that. The webcovers will be granted for the points today (end of yesterday).

But in general there might by an issue with timezone. Whereas normal crags have a geolocation (at least the country) and therefor we can calculate the timezone - this virtual crags has not ...

Anyway thanks you all for you very inspiring motivation!

Elena Fenotti replied 28 days ago.

Keeping the max effort leaderboard open is a great idea, I'll keep adding exercises too!

So what about the exercises added on the average=prize board after the 30th by accident? Will you fix the leaderboard?

replied 28 days ago.

I think that average price ladder board is fine as it is locked. But who won male effort? I have logged mine before midnight and I was leading by few hundreds so I thought that's it.

Karl Bromelow replied 28 days ago.

Ha! Hook, you won if you count your own time zone as the end, but it is carrying on as Nicky just said. That's great, it certainly motivated us (Kai and myself). We had a look this morning and saw that you had blasted back into the lead with a Herculean effort of 2.5km. You had a timezone advantage and knew what the target was. Fair enough. Good onya for that. Of course you would take the lead back and congratulations. Kai just wanted to record 1,111 ascents but it got too late on the Aussie 30th. Now don't take it so seriously and keep cranking out those pullups. My 13 year old boy and I will but you'll probably disappear into the distance leaving us mortals behind. All the best, Karl

Leopoldo Massaro replied 28 days ago.

As the one who went to sleep after midnight leading the average leaderboard, with a big (ENDED) after the title "Average=prize board", I think it is not so fair that adding more exercises after the presumed end of the contest was allowed, putting me in 4th place, without a prize.

replied 28 days ago.

Thanks Karl, you and your son are beasts, you have motivated me to push myself more. I will definitely need few rest days now and the end started to be too time demanding. But it was cool way how to use time in these hard times. Luckily in Czechia we are now allowed to do all kind of sports outsides, including climbing. So hopefully this will stay and soon epidemy end.

Karl Bromelow replied 28 days ago.

Cheers to that Hook. I noticed you had been climbing outdoors recently. Nice. Loved your shots of Meteora too. I'm too stuffed to do much tonight. Been building a shed in driving rain and gale force winds all day. My arms are knackered. Might just do a few crunches but no pullups or pushups. Take care Hook. Keep on cragging and sharing your photos. Karl.

Dede replied 28 days ago.

As Leopoldo said, I also saw the (Ended) when the first still had 89 exercises, around 23:30 CET. An hour later, I took another look and saw that it jumped to 90, so I did an extra set of pullups. Since it counted my last exercise, the competition was definetily not locked when it had the (Ended) added to it.

replied 28 days ago.

I would have easy solution that would please everybody. 6 people from top effort are same so you don't have to deal with this. And for Average only Leopoldo got missed with the change right? Dando and Dede was on top with 89 before if I remember correctly so if we don't want to choose between Agata and Leopoldo I would suggest to give it to both of them and choose just 2 best photos. Also Agata and Leopoldo would loose chance of winning with their photo. That way everybody will be happy. What do you think?

Leopoldo Massaro replied 28 days ago.

Thanks Dede and Thanks Hook for your proposal. I think this solution could work, but on the other hand I would feel sorry for the people who uploaded photos for a chance to win.

I think that the contest organizers should find the best solution, keeping in mind when they put the (ENDED) in the contest title.

replied 27 days ago.

As stated above the prize leaderboard was closed by the end of 30th of April - congratulations to the winners:

You will receive a personal message later.

We are currently also selecting the winners of the picture contest and will publish the winners here soon.

Nicky will contact the winners of the web-covers within the next few days.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. As stated above, we will keep all other leaderboards open until further notice. Keep recording your training on theCrag, stay motivated and in shape!

Elena Fenotti replied 27 days ago.

Can I ask on which time zone was closed? Because on the end of 30th of April (00:00 CET) the prize leaderboard was not like that, as also Dede wrote. The leaderboard changed in the night, because some people added more exercises (from Australia but also from Europe, when it was already the 1st of May).

I'm sincerely disappointed that in such a great site could take place a contest that had rules with this kind of flaws, and It's a shame that no explanation was given about them, even after they were pointed out from many people.

replied 27 days ago.

Elena Fenotti it was closed with Pacific Time - as Nicky explained, due to the fact that this was a virtual contest, the time zone management was not that easy. Overall everyone had the same amount of time to participate, though. We will make that more transparent next time

Leopoldo Massaro replied 27 days ago.

In theory I had the same amount of time,but I didn't know it, because you wrote on the leaderboard that the contest was ended. I don't think It should be my fault to lose because I trusted what you wrote on your site.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners for staying awake more than me.

Krishna replied 27 days ago.

So when does the next comp start??

replied 27 days ago.

And here are the winners of the foto contest! Thanks for contributing, stay safe and in shape!

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