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  • Started: 27 days ago on Fri 1st May 2020

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Julz started this discussion 27 days ago.

Different Shoe Sizes

I'm hoping I will have more luck here.

My right foot is about a full size smaller than my left. When I heel hook on my right, the heel area rolls over.

I am a 41 EU in Scarpa Instinct VS, 40 EU in La Sportiva Solution and 39.5 EU in La Sportiva Python on my left and would prefer wearing a full size down for my right foot in any of these shoes in the future. Preferably the python. If you wear a different shoe, I might be willing to experiment with new shoes.

If there are any climbers out there that have the same issue but on the opposite foot where the left foot is smaller than the right, hit me up. In the future, either one of us can place an order for 2 of the same shoe but a size down for me and up for you.

I would prefer to drop a full size but if there are no takers for the full size, I'm willing to see how half a size down goes.

Bardt replied 27 days ago.

Maybe you should consider a different brand? You should check They are selling these right and left separately. I really don't know if there is a distributor in Australia to fit them. Good luck!

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